Wts: AiaB multi-mod, HRAP 1, xbox kinect, stick parts


AiaB slim arcade. 360 pad and MC Cthulhu. Usb and ps2 cable. Jlw stick and seimitsu buttons. $155 $150 $145 $120! shipped open to trades



HRAP 1. excellent shape. stock buttons with seimitsu switches. Sold



xbox kinect, includes all cables, kinect adventures and child of eden $70 shipped

new Suzo/omni 500 $20 shipped


Open to trades


Price drop on AiaB


Bump for great seller and business man :slight_smile:


Thank you sir


Price drop on kinect.


Bump for a great seller :slight_smile:


If that stick had a matching Seimitsu LS-32-01 then I’d be all over it. GLWS!


Updated OP


Just curious, how much for the AIAB without a stick?


Maybe 150 with no stick. If the parts are not what you want I have many different parts. Sanwa Seimitsu Happ IL.


Well I guess trades are good too


Super duper sale over


You still have the HRAP?


whoops, looks like you don’t


It’s still available.


interested in HRAP, although I’d be swapping out the buttons if you wanted to hold onto them (or had sanwa to swap out). Cord still in good shape?


Cord is in great shape. I have some sanwas to put in it:)


Sent you pm


Hrap is possibility sold


Hrap sold