WTS: Air Force I/CVS2/Air Pippen II

CVS 2 Lightly used scratches on the disc but does not affect game play $34 shipped
SoldSF anniversary few light scratches $14 shipped


Phoenix wright 2 stylus sealed-$15 shipped
Lost In Blue 2 Stylus $12 shipped
Death Jr. Stylus $12 shipped


Air Force I High Size 12 Black/White NM condition worn 4 times. The stars on the bottom of the soles are still new with no scuff marks. The front of the sneakers have a slight crease in them. Also comes with the 2 black Velcro straps. $50


I’m up for trades but would prefer paypal.

Thanks for looking

PM sent for alpha

pm sent for 2 games

PM’s responded to.

those stylus are worth that much? fuck i gave one away with my DS for free…

Ive seen the Phoenix wright ones on ebay for $20. But the Lost In blue glow in the dark and are still pretty hard to come by.

pm sent


Added some new stuff

nice j’s

By far the best AJ releases ever were the XI’s.

What’s included in this? Might be interested. :slight_smile:

The set comes complete with the outer box, timeline poster, soundtrack, extendable stylus, and ds game holder (holds 2 ds games) and artbook.

Lowered the price of the J’s

Are you in the bay?

space jams ftw…


do you have the red/black ones?

would you ship to canada?

III, IV, V, VI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> XI

still, great price on those