WTS: All Black HRAP2 w/ all Seimitsu Parts

This is a HRAP3 SHELL modded with a HRAP2 PCB and new Seimitsu Parts for everything.

If you really want custom art, I can do it too (for $5 extra), with vinyl on top of whatever image you give me.

New black Seimitsu Stick (LS-56-01) & buttons, also black bolts instead of the original silver ones with HRAP2 pcb so you can use it for PS2.
Basically an all black HRAP2.
I have the original box too

Now includes 2 x 24mm black Seimitsu buttons for Start & Select and turbo switches from HRAP2 shell painted black.

NOW $160 SHIPPED UPS GROUND for Contintental US





PCB Close Up


sounds cool. price?

Interested in the stick. Hopefully you will get the outside pictures up soon


can’t wait for new pics wanna see that paint job

please post pics i wanna do something like this on my tekken stick

Interested once pics are up.

where you the same one offering the stick for sale before evo east at the Castle golf thread? Or did i mix people up. Sounds interesting, Might do a local pickup if i liek how the external pictures look.

Yes I was! =)
Pics will be up tonight. Waiting for the camera to charge.


Pics are officially up.

Also… I will open up this stick ONE FINAL TIME to take pics of the interior and do a little tutorial of installing the LS-32-01 into the Tekken 5 without removing the original metal plate spacer on the inside. =P



thats a sweet mod i hope it sells man


On hold until Saturday night to Pootnannies.

On hold for FMJaguar.


On hold for Fusulu.


The paint job looks great, and the color combo’s nice… somebody got a sweet ass deal for 100 bucks…