WTS: All Happ competition Joystick SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

This needs to go so i lowered the pirce, a All Happ Competition joystick with a PS1 DS PCB (compatible with any adapter) , the joystick is new, i just used it to test it, the stick is IL Eurojoystick (the good Happ joystick), and the buttons are Happ competition.

as you can see in this pic it also has an Analog button so you can play with with an adapter for ps3

Dimensions: 14 3/4" x 11 x 6"
Weight: 9 1/2 lbs (not really sure, but i think thats what it weights)
IL Eurojoystick
Particle board
black paint
Black T-molding
3M black rubber bumpons
Convex competition buttons(Black)
Cherry switches
Clear plastic cover
Capcom Vs SNK 2 Art
Distance between joystick & buttons 4 1/2in.

Reasons, for selling it, collectiong for MGS4 GOTP.
I want $90 + whatever shipping is. any question please email at engel_medina@hotmail.com, or PM me, thanks. Ohh, and sorry for the bad quality pictures. also this is the last price drop.

I Only accept** Paypal**, and will only ship within the United States. thanks.

this is my feedback thread

Oh man… if I weren’t getting a custom done right now… I’d so buy that. I hope its new owner will appreciate it. :3

is it a stanley stick


Stanley’s Video Concept or something like that. I remember seeing him sell a bunch of them on EBay from time to time.

^ I got one of those. It’s a great stick. Problem is I can’t fit my Eurostick in there because he mounted the P360 to far too the left. I will be getting rid of mine soon as well.

Indeed a great stick, but how you got problem mounting the Eurojpystick?? he mounted the Eurojoystick in this one with no problem. anyways no interest in the stick???
if nobody wants it ill put it on ebay, so get it before i do.
i want this stick to end in the hands of a shoryukener, i know you guys will take care of the stick, not some other guy from ebay. thansk. :wgrin::tup:

thats a nice stick,

did you ever finish modding that anniv stick?

Nah man my cousin took it right out of my hands:wink:, the same day the stick came, he was here and he made me an offer i couldnt refuse. now he is modding it.

Bumped price lowered!! $120 shipped.

last bump, and last price drop, now asking for $90 + whatever the shipping would be. any question feel free to PM me.

I’m keeping my eye on this one. How old is it?


stick sold please close :rock::rock::wink::tup: