WTS: All My Fighting Game Stuff

Recent events have led me to the decision to abandon fighting games.

So I’m stopping by SRK first to sell everything fighting game related I own.

EDIT: Everything has been claimed/sold.


Sorry to be nosey…but why are you totally given up on fighting games? :shake: Did your girlfriend get crushed by a Marvel machine?:sad:


PM sent.

Ha, don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t play Marvel.

Seriously…I just don’t have any interest in it anymore. I’ve been hanging out with my friends from high school again, the one’s that don’t play fighting games, and I don’t have the time/dedication to devote to learning shit like I used to.

Hah ok, I understand. Don’t forget us. :’’’’’’(

I’ll take Raven and Asuka. PM me with info :slight_smile:

if t5 stick doesnt work out, i will take it. pm meh

I’ll take the bed and chair…heh seriously…I pm’d you about PS2 GGAC

Sad to see you leave man. :shake:

see you when you come back THEY ALWAYS COME BACK

^ He can’t be more right…I did it