WTS: Alpha Collection (PS2) and a bunch of other nerdy things - CHEAP! NEGOTIABLE!


Selling a few things:
All prices listed are negotiable, they are just figures I thought of when posting.

– New in-wrapper copy of Supernova 2. I won it at a tournament but I just never cared enough to play it. If you want to see a pic you can but it’s in shrinkwrap and has no store stickers on it, so just imagine that. -$20

– Broken US Slimline PS2 with a fliptop (the thing is just generally messed up, broken on the top and the 2p mem slot is crushed, but the motor and laser still work just fine if you like fixing these things). -$10

– Taiko No Tatsujin Animelo, with the box and the drum in good condition (it’s been banged on, but it still works perfectly), I have a pic of that if anyone wants to see. -$40

– Guitarfreaks and drummania V JPS2 -$30

– Guitarfreaks and drummania JPS2 - $15

– GF/DM Konami Official Controller, very good condition, with box, manuals and inserts. The only thing about the controller is that the pedal looks weird because I had duct tape holding it to the floor as did the previous user. It works fine though. -$50

– With the gf/dm stuff you can have it all for $75

– Gradius 3 and 4 JPS2 -$20

– Gran Turismo 3 JPS2 -$20

– Gran Turismo 4 Prologue JPS2 (If you buy one I’ll probably give you the other one.)- $10

– Street Fighter Alpha Anthology PS2 -$10

– Final Fantasy X-2 PS2 -$20

– Need For Speed Most Wanted PS2 $5

– Movie Still for the movie “The Hitcher” $10

– “Shall We Dance” (Movie with Richard Gere) $0.01, really I don’t know how much anyone liked this movie, but if you buy something and want it, I’ll throw it in).

More to come, please ask for pics if you want them.

I’m in area code 70820, and I will mail everything to you for the listed cost.


PM sent with questions