WTS: Aluminum Chassis and Ice Plywood Panel

I’ve got two things for sale here:

$32.50 - An aluminum chassis manufactured by Hammond Manufacturing which is 17"x10"x2"… there are 6 holes drilled, 4 in each corner and 2 in the middle of the long sides (along the top of the edge where the top would go). The shrink wrap has been taken off but the blue protective cover is still on.


$20 - A slightly warped plywood panel which fits onto the aluminum chassis with 6 holes drilled for 1/8" pop rivets that is painted in Dupli-Color Mirage color shifting Ice paint. It has been lightly sanded with 1500 grit sand paper after the final coats of clear coat and has a fully painted top and partially painted bottom. There are some unsightly marks and one or two of the holes have cracks near them. This is a great price considering the negatives… 8 holes have been drilled (29mm) in a Japanese layout along with a 25mm hole for the joystick. The paint alone cost $20, not including labor involved with the drilling, sanding and painting itself and the actual cutting of the board.


You can buy both for $50 flat and all prices include shipping via USPS Parcel Post. Faster shipping is available if you are willing to foot the bill.

Thanks! I’ve got feedback on other forums (OCN, TechPowerup, Tech-Forums, PBN) and I heatware and eBay feedback under the moniker commandercup.