WTS American DJ Big Shot (Small strobelight) $22 shipped

Picked this up for a party some odd years ago, and used it once. No need for it now, still in perfect working condition.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Website describing the item here.

$22 shipped to the US, PayPal only. Will ship 1-2 business days after payment is received. First come first serve, so be sure to leave a message AND a PM if you’re ready to buy.

I know all you SRK’ers are wannabe DJs, so GO FOR BROKE! :rofl:

Will ALSO accept a trade for an InPin converter or a Pelican converter, since that’s where the money is going.

Thanks for looking!

I could use this now that i have a boatload of techno tracks :wgrin: watch out for DJ LBC soon :rofl::rofl:

good luck with sale yo :tup:

You should totally buy it! :wink: And share me some of yo beats!


Price drop to $22 shipped to US. Again, just trying to get rid of crap, thanks!