WTS: American style & Hybrid boxes *edit with final price drop*

hey SRK, i am dropping the price of these hybrid & American style boxes to $50.00 shipped in the US. boxes will NOT include terminal strips. final price drop before i sell locally. as stated before, these boxes are for function & not style. pick one up for a 2nd player stick or for when friends come over. add your pcb and you’re ready to go!

first two is a Happ Super stick with orange Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons American style layout



second i have a Happ Comp stick with green Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons Japanese style layout



third is another Happ Comp stick with blue Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons Japanese style layout



fourth box is a Happ Super stick with XGaming branded buttons American style layout with some Chun Li art



fifth box is a Happ Comp stick with Xgaming branded buttons American style layout with some Ken art



last is a Happ Comp stick with Xgaming branded buttons American style layout with some Gouki art



all boxes are $50 shipped in the US. Paypal bank transfer only please (first time seller here :P)

thanks for looking!

Why put start, select/back and home/Xbox buttons in the front? Seems like it would hit your waist or abdomen if you’re playing with them in your lap. Would’ve bought that Gouki one if buttons were on top.:confused:

Unscrew, turn 180, rescrew?

very clean work.

can you give me some info on your arcade stick? does it connect to a ps3 etc?

It looks like you need to provide your own PCB so they don’t connect to anything but he has the stick and buttons already in the European terminals. So you’d just have to connect the PCB to the appropriate slot on the terminals.

Haha that sounds hard. I have no experience in modding or any of this. Is it hard to install a PCB? What is a PCB anyway.

only if you want a left handed stick

60bux seems to be a HUGE price for something that looks like its just been cut out and screwed together with woodscrews

you can still see the joints and everythign, the edges arent even routed or sanded down at least. iono, 30-40 would be good but 60 is way too much for this level of craftsmanship

I don’t think he mean for you to turn the entire box 180 but to remove the screw that hold the top with the buttons and stick then rotate the top 180 and you will then have the start button to the top instead of the bottom.

Do you ship to canada

It comes with parts, and layout already drilled, that is easily 30-40 beyond the actual construction. Plus shipping is probably 15 dollars or more, so adding all that together makes it seem worth it.

On a side note to OP, I sent you a PM about the Chun box. Also, on those first two boxes are those 24mm buttons?

These are good prices especially seeing it includes shipping and everything but da pcb

I think he meant unscrew the top piece of wood with the buttons and twist it and then re screw it

Replied to pm’s. Also the buttons in the first two boxes are 30mm.

A comp stick is $9, 6 OBSN-30’s is $15, and shipping is easily $10-$15. Are you really that dumb?

The craftsmanship ain’t great but to say it’s not worth it where you’re basically paying for a bare-bone enclosure and parts is extremely stupid.

A friend of mine wanted a marvel stick so I’ll pass the thread on.

If you wood putty the counter-sinks, sand and then paint, I’m sure people would pay a bit more than just $60 shipped.

holy shit guys, these are sticks, not fashion accessories. Since when does a stick matter what it looks like?
Also, stop shitting in this guys thread, it is a good price for what you are getting. If you do not want to buy, don’t post.

Hey Kas you still selling these? I’m still interested in either one of the ones with the super stick and just got my fun…ds

i think the OP is making like 5 bucks a stick…lol, less than minimum wage.

bump for edit & price drop =)