WTS: AngeloneArcade Cocobolo Custom PS3/360

I am selling this stick to fund another new custom from Angelonearcade.com

For those not familiar with his sticks he is a top notch builder here in Columbus. Some of his sticks are similar to Norris or Souji sticks in style, and all of them are amazing.

The stick is wired for PS3/360. The layout is Astro.

Stick is a JLF buttons are Seimitsu Pearls (the whites, rare and discontinued).

The artwork in the case right now is just black vinyl. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but it has a texture a bit like a faux leather.

The bottom is a 1/4" plexi. The stick was wired by me, and it’s not the prettiest, but it’s extremely sturdy and has anchors holding all of the wires and pcbs in place to prevent them from moving at all.

Back of the case has a Nuetrik USB along with two buttons and a spot for a third (one button chooses the system when plugging it in, the other is a start button. I never use a guide button, but it would be easy to add).

I’m asking $250 shipped, which I think is extremely fair given the fact that the case was $125 new and the inclusion of a dual mod, white pearls and a clear bubble top.

I am willing to negotiate, and possibly do a little bit of trading in addition to cash.

Pics below.

Pics of the case alone(after being built):

Pics of the completed stick:

Imageshack - dscn0064u.jpg

Imageshack - dscn0065a.jpg

Imageshack - dscn0066z.jpg

Imageshack - dscn0067h.jpg

Imageshack - dscn0068x.jpg

Any chance you’d part out the white pearls?

Honestly I like them so much I’m sort of leaning towards taking them out and putting in a regular color for the sale. Sorry.


Price drop to $200 is as low as I’ll go.

I’ll gut it and sell the case alone for $100.

beautiful case. surprised it isn’t gone

^^ yea, i got to use it at Summer Slam in Cleveland and it feels even better than it looks.

$200 is a rip off, imo. Come on peeps!

what were you looking for in trade?

LuckyDay, please clear your PM box.


Apparently my inbox has been full for a while. Fixed now. Also bump…