WTS > Anime & EVO DVDs - Hajime no Ippo, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Panic

All DVDs I watched once and placed back in the case. I take care of my shit. Also, all of my stuff is LEGIT. Not bootlegged from another country.

Asking: $50 shipped
Samurai Champloo Complete Box Set

Asking: $20 shipped
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Complete Thinpak Set

Asking $190 shipped.
RARE Street Fighter Ultimate Edition. In really good condition. No major dings or tears. only very slight shelf wear.


Asking $100 shipped for the 2 sets.
Fighting Spirit ( Hajime No Ippo ) Collectors Boxed Set #1 & 2 (Contains DVD Vol #1-8 and 9-15)



Asking $50 shipped
Original EVO 2007-2008 DVDs (4 dvds all together)

Holy crap thats worth 190?! I got one too XD bout to sell it.
Is that thinpak the official one? subbed etc? I’m interested in it.

Does da family guy set come it that box/case in the pic?

Yeah, I used to have that one before I upgraded to the big box original release, that should be an original ADV with dub and subs.

Just wanted to say wow… This is some really awesome stuff. I hope you add more.

yup, official shit.

only dvds. there’s a line for this set. i’ll let you know if the person bails out of the deal.

i’m liquidating. my prices are fucking ridiculous.

Updated with cheaper prices!

Great seller, met him in person, really nice guy!

i’ll leave u feedback later tonight!

i wish i had the money for that champloo boxset

it’s even worse when you’re there in person to see it. i had to pull myself away to buying more stuff lol.