WTS: Anime! (help me go to C3)

I’m moving soon and therefor won’t be able to spend any of my money, but I would love to go to C3 one last time before I leave. Help fund my trip(s) by buying some of my old anime!

Elfen Lied box set - SOLD
FLCL 1-3 of 3 - $30
Giant Robo box set - $20
Samurai Champloo 1-5 of 7 - $50
Vampire Hunter D “Bloodlust” - $15
Full Metal Alchemist The Movie, Conqueror of Shamballa - $20

Anime related novels ($5 each)
Gundam Seed 1-3
.Hack AI Buster 1-2
Onegai Teacher
Onegai Twins 1-2
.Hack Another Birth 1

All prices include shipping, if you’re interested in something but don’t think the price is reasonable just post here and we can work something out. I prefer paypal, my account is sergiotwo@gmail.com

Edit: Currently missing disc two for Cromartie High School, but I will add that to the list as soon as I find it.

Where are you moving to?

Italy fool.

DAMN I missed the Giant Robo set.
Are you selling the Samurai Champloo DVDs individually?
I have vol. 1 and 2 already, but I could really use 3-5.

how good condition is bloodlust? have any pics… ill probably take that off your hand…

are money orders good? where do you live now?

i might see you at c3 too :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, someone got it locally, but I highly recommend picking it up. You can get it for around $25 after shipping. Also I would be glad to sell 3-5 separately. Let’s make it $10 per dvd so that will come out to $30 after shipping. Paypal info has been added to the OP.

Bloodlust itself is in perfect condition, as is it’s case, but the box it comes in is pretty scratched up. I’m leaving for work in 10 minutes, I’ll take pictures when I come back.

As for payment, I’d rather take paypal only because I don’t really sell things online very often and that’s just what I’m used to. If you prefer money order though than we can go with that. Adding paypal info to the OP, I knew I forgot something.

And hopefully we do see each other at C3, I won’t be going this month but I’ll try to make it out in September, but I might not be able to go if it’s too late in the month :frowning:

Ahh just what I was looking for, thanks.

You two still interested?

sergio i would love to contribute so you can go to c3 however

here someone selling the dvd brand new for 11.40


can you go down on the price a little?

But his is not a knockoff bootleg like that one.

Sure I’ll bring it down to $10 for you. Also Ghostal, the previous bidder for Giant Robo has retracted his offer, care to buy it in perfect condition (only watched once) for $20 after shipping?

tell me where to send the money order :):woot:

Take Trades?

Interested in FLCL.

Sending you a PM.

I need cash but will entertain the idea for now. Whatcha got for trade?

Only thinking about it but condition of FLCL?

FuriKuri please!

does it come with everything in the DVD box, like I think some little comics or something. I forgot got what exactly.

The condition is “fair”, the cases are slightly scratched, volume two’s case is bent. The CDs are slightly scratched as well but in working condition. I’m already exchanging PMs with someone who is interested and within pickup distance, but I’ll let you guys know if he backs out.

Giving this a bump because everyone backed out :frowning:

Keep in mind that prices are negotiable!

holy shit i thoughtly forgot… ill send the moeny if your still selling it

Haha it’s all good, yeah I’ll ship it out as soon as I get the money.