WTS: Anime, Manga, Games and an Arcade Stick. LAST CHANCE!


I got some anime, games, manga and an Arcade Stick for sale. Everything here is legit. Shoot me a PM if interested!

Pictures see here:

Here’s whats for sale:

  • City Hunter - Season 2, Collection 1 - $10
  • Spriggan - $5
  • Undergrads (The Complete 1st Season) - $10 (Jabaniz called 1st dibs)
  • Jin Roh - $5
  • Iria: Zeriam the Animation Special Edition - $10 (RUMBLE82 called first dibs)
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas - $5
  • EVO 2K8 DVD’s - $20
  • My-Hime vol. 1 & 2, Battle Royale vol. 1 & 2 and Le Chevalier d’Eon vol 1 - $10 for all


Guys, if you are still interested in the items, please gimme a shout! Also, please let me know if you aren’t interested in the items I have on hold for you.

I ship USPS 1st Class and Paypal for transactions. Any issues? Give me a shout and I will straighten it out.


I love that you have A Charlie Brown Christmas in there.

Great lot! Good luck with the sale!


Lol thanks! My gf actually has A Charlie Brown Christmas so there’s no point on keeping 2 copies of the same thing.


damn, if you were to part it out, I’d buy FF: The Motion Picture, Armitage, Fushigi Yuugi, Gantz, Lova Hina, and maybe Gunslinger Girl.


I am very willing to compromise, send me a PM.


That’s a damn nice collection there :stuck_out_tongue:


I have now added prices for each item!


Whats the condition of the love hina set, disc wise.


It’s used but in good condition.


An updated picture for all DVD’s is now up.


PM sent


I got some new items up, including Gundam Wing!


Hey I’m still interested but I’m kinda in between checks right now…I should have some dough for you tomorrow though.


No worries, take your time.


Fatal Fury, Love Hina, Fushigi Yugi, Armitage III, Gantz and Heat Guy J has been sold!


You should probably label which DVD’s are HK bootlegs and which are legit. You have quite a few boots in there.


I do? Which ones?


Still got Gundam Wing? And is it English dub?


Yea I still have Gundam Wing, its English/Japanese language with English subtitles as an option.


Love Hina
Fushigi Yugi
Gatekeepers 21
Silent Mobius
Gunslinger Girl
City Hunter Season 1
Gundam Zeta, Seed, & Wing
Fate Stay/Nigh
Tenchi Muyo GXP
Heat Guy J
Kite / Mezzo Forte