WTS: Anyone need a arcade stick? (Taking 2 or 3 sanwa or happ stick orders)

I need some extra cash and I have enough lumber for 2 or 3 Happ sticks if anyones interested…I can always make a few more if I get a few extra orders :wgrin:

Case alone $115 shipped or $125 painted

Full stick $160 (will include comp stick,comp buttons,paint,and PS PCB…oh and art)

Also** 1 spot for a sanwa case**

PM me if you are interested…or post in this thread

heres some of my happ sticks




They’re looking great, too bad I just bought one. Good luck though!

What do you mean to bad! hahaha :rofl:.

Ye painted’s work is top notch, hope he makes alot more sticks, so order people ;).

I was wondering if you can make a complete HAPP stick with a hinged top for easy access to the insides and cable storage.

HAHA funny you should say that i was gonna try a design with something like that…but let me recheck my layouts and ill let you know.

Oh heres some more pics of some of my cases…in case you guys needed more to look at…

Hmmm, maybe I’ll buy a box off of you, painted of course ;p.

What did you have in mind?:sweat:

2 spots left

OH!!! I have room for 2 Sanwa cases too!!!

How much for complete sanwa box?

$175-180 shipped


PM’d back.

I’ll take a Sanwa case, If it’s what I think it is. We’ve been Pming back and forth forever.

Yeah I wanna claim a sanwa spot :slight_smile:

1 sanwa spot left

i get paid the 13th and have a pp account now…if i get it ill send u the cash for the whole box with the buttons

Okay just PM me when your ready

I’m ready with my money already XD. Just waiting for the OK =)