WTS: apple g4 12",all sanwa stick, more

Hi all

i’ve bought a few things here before but this is my 1st time selling, everything is coming from cleveland ohio if you need to calculate shipping

apple titanium powerbook g4:400$! i’ve had this thing about a year and a half with no problems then just a couple of days ago my screen goes dead! what a heartbreaker cause this was my only pc now i have to use shitty library pcs lol
its the 80 gig model with dvi port, bluetooth, 2 usb ports, 1 firewire port, dvdrw
airport extreme, any other specs you need please feel free to post pm or email me at
sfzlegend@netzero.net i had it tested at a best buy and its still fully functioning through the dvi but i dont have a monitor or tv to use it with so its gotta go i’ll get some pics up tuesday at the latest

all sanwa stick: 120$ its a byrdo custom I believe I bought this stick from N3ss in here about 3 months ago for 140$ and its gotten little to no use so its gotta go button and ball top are alll white casing is wood painted white the graphics are of samurai champloo pics of it might still be around in the forums if not i’ll get some up early next week

earthbound: 30$ cart is 100% working but there is sticker residue all over the back of the cartridge

dc mouse and keyboard:10$ each

im only accepting paypal and i am paypal verified sfzlegend@netzero.net

pics of the stick?

Looks like this is the stick from searching the forums.


yes thats the one i used it like twice since i bought it and its really going to waste. i see i paid 125 for it so ill lower the price to 105 + ship





I can get some pics up of the other stuff probably thursday

You still selling the stick?

yes everything is still for sale

I like to see pics of the DC mouse and keyboard.

since theres little to no interest on these items I will money back garuntee them all the only thing not working 100% is the laptop and I’m trying to get that fixed cause i really dont want to sell it, the mouse and keyboard I bought exclusively for quake 3 however long ago that was and are both in very good condition the stick is in the same condition I recieved it in which was excellent I purchased it to play Tekken DRO but I found my self playing with the sixaxis more and more so its now collecting dust in the closet I will try to get more pics up within a few days to anyone who has pm or posted thanks for your interest and patience

selling sanwa

If you will send me a pic of the sanwa you are selling, I just may purchase it from you. Name is Ryan, and address is Rockstaryano@gmail.com thnx :slight_smile:

hate to come in and lowball, but being that the stick has no dust cover, and artwork i dont really like, ill offer 85 shipped if no one else wants it

actually I have dust covers for it as well and two extra buttons ( start select) please check back friday for pics

Interested in Earthbound, I just needs pics to see if the sticker damage/residue is bad or not(cuz I don’t mind cleaning it up)… PM me or email me please?


sorry for the bad delay






PM Sent

bumped again still available

are you still selling the arcade stick. Dam I just bought the green goblin stick for the dreamcast I know I should have waited.

yes i’ll do the stick for 115$ shipped, anybody? im trying to go to final round lol

also i’m selling a ps2 to ps3 pelican converter for 60$ shipped