WTS: Arcade Boards and Cabinet *3S, KOF 2003 and more*


**Looking to sell some of my arcade boards and cabinets. **

Street Fighter 3rd Strike JPN with/CD = $400 sold

KOF 2003 complete= $100

Rage of the Dragons Complete = $150 ( I have two complete)

King of Fighters 95 = $40

King of Fighters 98 = $50 Sold

Samurai Shodown 1 = $30

Samurai Shodown 2 Complete = $100

Samurai Shodown 4 = $60

Samurai Shodown 5 = $140

Real Bout Fatal Fury JPN = $40 Sold

Blazing Star = $90 SOLD to HAN

Marvel vs Capcom 1 =$100 Sold to Strider999

Super Street Fighter 2 New Challengers = $100 Sold

CPS-A Board = $50 Sold to Strider999

Neo Geo Candy Cabinet = $600 Sold

All are working and tested. Cabinet is pick up only (South Carolina Area) I have more to sell as well, going to try here before Ebay.


Are these prices shipped?

KOF98. SUPER INTERESTED. As well as 3rd strike and other MVS game .

Up for any trades?


Beautiful cab. If I was closer I’d definitely pick that thing up.


What region is that CPS2 A-Board? USA?

Also I think I have some Super Neo 29 buttons, similar to the ones in the Cab you have, they look like Seimitsu’s, but they’re not. Any clue how to open/clean these?


At this current moment no trades. B-boy shipping is not included but will be fairly cheap. (I’m not trying to gouge anyone on shipping) But if you are planning on getting mult things, we can talk about just one shipping fee.

Yes it is a US A-board but it will work with any CPS2 B-board (Jpn or USA)


you got PM!


Replied to PM.


Pm on KOF98 . Thanks.


nice, you gotta have kof 98 in your neo collection b-boy


PM responded.




Sent you a PM about third strike


PM’s have been replied too.


Is 3s sold I’m interested?


Pm’s have been answered.

The 3S is not sold yet.


Pm’ d you


PM’s answered


To everyone that has PM, I apologize for the late replies, I have been super busy with work. I have responded to all PM’s now. Also I will be adding some more games and other items for sale here in the forum. (Sticks, parts and etc.) Thank you for your patience.


I’m in the SC area and looking for candy. At work now so can’t PM but you can consider that cab sold right now, I’ll pick it up this week if the weather is right.


Ok, cool I sent you a PM. I am at work as well. So I will try to response as soon as I can.