WTS: Arcade Boards: MvC2, 3rd Strike, CPS2 (MSH, XvSF, VS, NW, Xmen:COTA) MVS


Hello all. I’m selling various boards & kits for games that I particularly don’t need anymore.

3rd Strike (CD rom drive included) 475$ (sold)
MvC2 (2 copies) (naomi included) 250$ (1 sold)
UMK3 225$
Strikers 1945 II 140$

CPS2 B boards:
MSH 60$
XvSF 100$ (sold)
Vampire Savior (sound issue: plays wrong sound effects) 125$
Night Warriors
2 A boards

MVS Carts
Aero Fighters 2- 35
Samurai Shodown V 50$ (sold)
Last Blade- 45 (sold)
Puzzle Bobble- 20
Metal Slug- 45
Metal Slug X 50$

I’ll consider any fair market offer (Hint: check eBay and Neo Geo), feel free to ask questions in this thread or email me at RVAtournaments@gmail.com.

I have a pretty positive reputation in the community (used to run Civil War) , and I’ll back and test anything before I sell and ship it.


PS: If you want to make a slightly above market offer, I could be persuaded to let go of CvS2, A2, AVP, or Super Turbo, but as of now those aren’t on the market.


Dude you need to put up prices or they will pull your sales thread down. Good luck dude


I’ll look em up tonight, and edit the post. As I said, lazy.


What’s up with the batteries in the CP2 boards?

What region A boards do you have?

When you say A2 do you mean Street Fighter Alpha 2?


All are working, but I have not replaced any personally, and I’ve owned most between 2-5 years.

All are blue A boards except VSav, which is Green.

Yes, A2 is Alpha 2. It, ST, and CvS2 are my favorite fighters, so someone would have to make me a tremendously good offer.


So that means it’s the USA version…

aka Street Fighter Alpha 2

not Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha, right?

Anyways how much for a USA and a JAPAN A-Boards?


Sent pm regarding metal slug 3, X and Aerofighters 2.


Cvs2 huh. Everything included?


XvSF and 3S are sold.


How much for a copie of mvc2? Are you talking about just the game or board and game for cvs2? I need prices.


MvC2 is 250 and comes with the naomi system.

If CvS2 were to be sold, it’d be with GD-Rom and Naomi.


How much for CvS2?





Last Blade, SamShoV and MvC2 are sold