WTS: Arcade Boards ( MVC2 kit ) ( 3rd strike kit )


Hey everyone

Need to sell these boards…
They are in perfect working condition (Ill add videos & pictures tonight if I have time)

All shipping charges will be payed by the buyer.

Im from Montreal Canada (Local pickups is ok)
All prices are in US

Offers / Trades are welcome also

Marvel VS Capcom 2
Sega Naomi Motherboard + Game Cartridge + JAMMA Converter
All in top shape looks like new.
Asking 550$

Street Frigther 3 (3rd Strike) Rev.A JAPAN
CPS3 Motherboard + Game Cartridge + CD-Drive & Cable + Software CD
All in top shape (No info on battery but its been running fine and still is)
Asking 650$

Super Street Fighter 2 X (Grand Master) (JAP Green)

Thank YOu


PM sent on SSF2x


Check pm sorry got sold before you messaged me.


Bump Bump Bump

Ill consider your offers !!


how much did ssf2 turbo go for?


I didn’t get the SSF2x board. Someone beat me to it!