WTS: Arcade Fight sticks, Various Joystick parts, accessories & custom stuff. UK

Hello SRK.
It’s been a long time since I did one of these.
Over the years I have done trades with some of SRK’s finest.

All of the following prices do NOT include shipping/handling or whatever.
As I much prefer to deal with people in person and have a cash transaction.

I’m based in the East midlands and due to the increasing size of the net and that some peoples needs are to do this remotely, I will accept paypal payments.
I will try and get the best value shipping prices for you and will generally get items sent out within a day or two of receiving payment.

Most items will get them sent out to you via a courier service unless you state otherwise, in which case I will get it shipped using your own preferred mailing method.
Anything with a value of £6 or above is to be signed for at your end.

Please message me with any questions or if you need a shipping quote for anything.

Cheers… and now onto the stuff I have for sale…:

120GB crystal media center xbox
Crystal xbox console comes with 120GB hdd installed (with various apps/games etc…)
Console boots up to a customized xbox media center.
It has a Samsung DVD rom which reads CDr media and still works good with the original games that I tried on it today.
Console comes complete and ready to go with a power cable, 3 pin AV cable, an official crystal type S control pad and will also include the original hard drive.

Original xbox console
Black xbox console with stock hard drive.
Slimline CoinOps installed with 111 of the best vs fighting, horizontal/vertical shooters and platforming arcade games.
Good working order, Console only. No controllers, power or AV cables.
£25 obo

I have up for sale a beautiful 8 button (I believe it is Maplewood) custom stick.
On the top it has a plexi (or lexan… not sure) that you can add your own artwork underneath.
Internally it has a sheet of machined steel or something with regular mounting holes for most modern joystick mounting plates.

This fighting weapon weights a LOT. (6-7KG at a guess)

It houses a seimitsu LS-56-01 with an octogate and a set of 8x Arc eye2 modded PS14-KN buttons.
It is powered by an Akishop PS360 pcb and wired up to a SparkyPWM to supply R, G, B L.E.D functionality to the buttons.
All the connections from both the sparky and the ps360 pcb use quick disconnects to allow easier access to remove the top panel for art / joystick / buttons swap.

Stick is compatible with ps3 and xbox360 just plug in the supplied USB A-B cable and off you go.
No messing around with this. It will auto-detect whichever console it is connected to and just work.
I put this stick together a few years ago now and she simply never gets used.
After I completed this project it more or less became a piece of furniture that I don’t actually use which is a real shame.
Will take £160 ovno for this.

Arcadesticks.net rejected wooden case.
These cases are VERY rare/hard to find now as Arcadesticks.net are no longer trading.
The build quality is 100%, it has a few minor blemishes which is why it was rejected.
Personally, they have never bothered me & if anything actually added character to the build.
The case is very similar to that of the Agetec dreamcast stick.

6 button astro layout (I think) on the face with a decent spacing between buttons and stick.
Will house Sanwa / Seimitsu joystick.
Currently, I have vice artwork in there with a hacked xbox360 SF4 fightpad wired up to a 5 pin harness which has a modified JLF clone attached.
It’s completely wired up to a Madcatz QD terminal block which is connected to a set of 6 white OBSN 30mm buttons and 2x 24mm at the back for select and start
I added the signal (& ground) wires with Quick Disconnects for the guide button directly from the board. The guide button is a 24mm seimitsu pushbutton housed next to start and select.

I wired it up based as the first 6 buttons of the madcatz fight stick layout.
If you prefer to have a different layout, the buttons can easily be moved around on the terminal block to be any configuration you want instead.
I want £85 for this.

xbox 360 Sanwa modded Madcatz SE
xbox360 SE stick. When I bought this it was faulty and didn’t properly work…
I got around to opening her up and it looked like someone had gone in at it with some kind of welding tool.
I was able to clean her up internally and get everything working perfectly.

It has had no change in PCB or art. Both are still stock.
I installed a (practically brand new <2hrs usage) silent JLF (yellow RG switches with blue gate) with a set of 6x White & 2x Dark Hai OBSF.

I’ve added matching white feet and had the JLF shaft powder coated white as I felt it looked much nicer with the stock theme of the stick. Everything is unified & works great. http://postimg.org/gallery/33y9b6yha/
Boxed up, looks and feels like new £100 ovno

xbox 360 Sanwa modded WWE Brawl stick
I am selling this one as quite used as the artwork has began to bubble a little bit around the corners… however she works great and never skips a beat.
Internally the pcbs are all stock. I have swapped the end few buttons around to make the layout of the buttons to be the equal to that of a TE stick.
I have installed a genuine Sanwa JLF joystick and a set of 8 Sanwa OBSN buttons (in the respective xbox colors… Green, red, blue and yellow)
Also included is a clear bubble balltop, a black dustwasher and matching shaft cover.
boxed and working perfect. Asking £75 for this.

MadCatz TE round2 for xbox360
Boxed xbox 360 Madcatz Round 2 TE stick.

I have never used it except to test that it all works properly.
The edges of the box are a little tatty and one corner is ripped quite a bit but otherwise box is in good condition.
Stick has never been opened up, still has seal over the screw on the bottom panel and overall is in great condition.
Kept it in it’s box and hardly used it because I prefer SE shaped fight sticks and so, I have decided that I have no need for this.
Boxed £110 OBO


Mortal Kombat X Fight pad for xbox360 and xbONE
Hard to find 6 button Fight pad works on xbox 360, PC and xbox one systems.
Decent common ground controller that can be used as it stands or gutted out for use in a stick build.
As new £45

Panasonic 3do controller
Boxed FZ-JP1X control pad. Rare
The box is a little tatty/crumpled.

Misc Parts

Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick for the wii.
I am selling it as untested because I no longer have a wii.
Internally everything looks normal, the balltop and a button has been swapped previously. This stick was bought in error and is surplus to requirements.
I’m asking £40 for it as it is or add the cost of any extras (+Labour) and I can modify it to whatever custom spec for you.

1x Brand new Seimitsu LS55-01 joystick with Orange LB39 Bubble top = £18 (Add an octogate for extra £2)

***2x Brand New powder coated Sanwa JLF joysticks ***
These joysticks are BRAND NEW and have never been used.
They came in from an order I made on FocusAttack a few months ago and I got hit pretty badly by customs charges which is why the price on them might seem a little high.
I decided to sweeten them up a little and had the shafts professionally powder coated and I gave each one a matching ball top… I have two that are available:
1x Black shaft with Black balltop
1x Yellow shaft with yellow LB39 bubble balltop
£28 ea.

I have 2 of the (1st edition) Madcatz JLF clone joysticks.
These have a slightly longer (top half) shaft (bottom is same)
I have had these shafts powder coated also. One of them is Matt Black and the other is White.
Complete joystick comes with mounting plate and shaft matching ball top plus a free 5 pin wiring harness if you want one. They do NOT include a dust washer.
£10 ea. or £16 for the pair

Button silencing pads for 30mm buttons = £2.50 for a set of 8

Sanwa JLF shaft cover and washer set = £3 ea.

Official Seimitsu octogate for LS55/LS56 series joysticks = £3 ea.

Sandisk 8GB Cruzer Edge USB memory stick
Brand new still sealed in retail blister pack
(Black) £4 ea.

Sandisk 16GB Cruzer U USB memory stick
Brand new still sealed in retail blister pack
(Blue or Pink) £7 ea.

*** Set of 6(+1free) Blue Cherry MX switches (for gamerfinger buttons) = £8***

Stuff I would like to buy/trade for:
JLF the Link.
Seimitsu the Link.
Gamerfinger buttons (all colors and switches are considered)
set of 8x MX switches (pref black or red but will consider others)
A set of 8x OBS-MX (not likely in this country… hahaha)

I also have some new and used 24/30mm sanwa and seimitsu buttons, 35mm balls, bat tops with adapters, joystick springs and much more.
Please get in touch letting me know what you’re after and if I can help you out I will do.

Cheers, Peace


New stuff added & lots of price drops.


I like the seimitsu setup, UK is just too far sigh

Thanks man… yea, she’s a real beaut mate. :wink:

Added more new stuff and dropped some prices.