WTS: Arcade-in-a-Box Sticks

Just clearing out some sticks laying around here. If you are interested, please do not PM me. Send an email to info@arcadeinabox.com

First Come first served.
Same warranty as all of our sticks.
Many of these have been used, so they will priced accordingly

PS3 True Arcade - Seimitsu Buttons, P360 Stick.

Some nice deals here, Ed.

Someone is going to be happy!

Do the prices include shipping (Even to Canada)?

good stuff, no waiting here folks!

No, the pricing does not include shipping. Because of the international possibility.

For USA - $15
For Canada - $35

how much is shipping to the uk?

pm sent on hybrid!!

Email, not pm please

UK shipping is $50

email sent

Again all, I am not responding to PMs, just email.


Paypal only on these.

One more time NO PMs Please.
Email info@arcadeinabox.com


Wow, these sure went quick! Ed, will you be putting anymore up for sale?

OK, I gave everyone about a week to pay. So I will be putting some back up for sale.



Thanks for the arcade stick. I really appreciated the tracking number especially, will come in the mail today.


Email sent.

Hybrid (Ps3/360) Slim Arcade - Sanwa JLF Octo Gate, Sanwa Buttons. Used.

Paid via paypal thanks!

Email sent from msn account to info@arcadeinabox.com foe 360 stick.

Ready to pay pending questions on shipping thanks!