WTS: Arcade Marquee / Insert / Art Collections (Backlit Flim) 15-MAR-2019 Strider 2


Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for Taito Vewlix Candy Cab:


Akai Katana for Taito Vewlix Candy Cab:


Hey @l3et9jdh I’m interested in a few movelists for Astro City panel. New member and not sure how to PM you on here I couldn’t find an option.



What kind of moves strips are you looking for?

Strip size pricing:

$8 - 18.9" width x 2.75" height ~ mainly for candy cab.
$6 - 14" wdith x 2.75" height ~ mainly for American cab.


I hit you up on eBay yesterday too actually. Sent you a message on there. :slight_smile:




I messaged you on this forum as well as ebay and didn’t get a response.
I was looking to see if you are still selling the blast city type marquee and move list for ssf2x. @l3et9jdh


@Latin00032 I’ve checked, SSF2X and SSFXT both are unavailable.



Ok. Thanks.

Will they ever be available again?


They are available now.


Metal Slug 5 for Taito Vewlix Candy Cab:


hello there,

i have been looking up for your contact details to make some shopping, on the vewlix markees,

can you share details for shopping?

Thanks, LAMINE





Strider 2 for Taito Vewlix Candy Cab: