WTS: Arcade Parts, Gaming and Anime stuff

All prices include shipping to the US. If you can also do local pickups I’ll reduce the price to negate shipping. Im also open to trades. I would prefer some arcade parts but if you have something of interest pass it by me and I’ll see if I am interested.

[For Sale]

Arcade Parts
[ Set of 16 DC Twin Blaze Joystick Buttons - all for $15 shipped ]
notes: De-soldered these off of a DC Twin Blaze Joystick. Everything is in good running condition even though these buttons have been slightly used. These 16 buttons are divided into (6) 28mm Pink buttons, (6) 28mm Green buttons, (2) “slightly bigger than” 24mm Yellow buttons, and (2) extra button shells of the same size and color as the yellow pair. Take the whole set for the cheap price listed above.

[ Set of (1) Pink, (1) Purple, (1) Teal, (1) Red, & (4) Grey Hori 30mm buttons - all for $15 shipped ]
notes: De-soldered these off of a Hori FS3. These buttons have seen a little game time but are all in good condition. Great to pop into any budget sticks.

[ Official Xbox 360 Wired (Early Version) PCB - $15 shipped ]
notes: As the title states its an early version official Xbox 360 Wired controller PCB. I was originally going to work on it but never had the time to get around to it. It just sits on my shelf collecting dust lol. Also for those who don’t know this PCB is NOT COMMON GROUND… If you’re a pro modder then you’ll know what to do with the wiring… For those who aren’t but want an in-expensive pcb you can look here for a wiring diagram: http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram6.jpg

[DDR Metal Dance Pad for PS1/PS2 - $100 OBO (Local Pickup Only)]
notes: As title suggests, it is a metal dance pad used for Dance Dance Revolution games for the Playstation 1 and 2. Is a little dusty and has some bumbs and blemishes from being put into storage but overall is in good condition. As pictured above, this item comes in 2 pieces, the metal pad itself shown in the first 2 pictures and then the project box which the pad then connects to in pictures 3 & 4. Also as stated in the title, this is local pickup ONLY for So. California. Having this shipped is really not an option and would be at the buyer’s expense if it were. For buyer’s who are interested, I will PM you my address for pickup and I can take cash for it in person if you do not wish to use Paypal.

[ Guild Wars GOTY Edition & Warhammer Online Age Of Reckoning (both sealed & for PC) - $20 shipped for both]

[ Blank official Xbox 360 cases (new) - (5 available) all for $15 shipped ]
notes: These are great replacements for your old, beat up cases or those crappy Gamestop used copies that everyone touches.

[Viz Media Yellow w/ Black Trim Bag - $7 each shipped (2 available)]
notes: A little dusty from being put into storage but in overall good condition.

[ Tekken 6 Laser Cel + Tattoo Sleeve | Limited Edition Promo (brand new/factory sealed) - $5 each shipped (14 available) ]
notes: Special discounted pricing for multiple purchases. Case does not include Tekken game.

[ Anime DVD Bundle - all for $25 shipped ]
notes: Pulled these out of storage after some Spring cleaning lol. This Anime DVD Bundle contains 7 DVDs of some pretty good anime classics. The bundle includes (from left to right, top to bottom) Ranma 1/2 - Kiss Me Cat, Gate Keepers - Open The Gate, Gate Keepers - The Shadow!, Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex - Vol. 1, City Hunter The Motion Picture, Crying Freeman - Potrait of a Killer, & DBZ The Movie - The World’s Strongest.

[ Naruto Vol. 1-3 + Scryed - all for $15 shipped ]

[ MAR Vol. 1-9 - all for $40 shipped ]

[ Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days Vol. 1-2 (Japanese) - $12 for both shipped ]

Special Offers
[The Many Manga Bundle - all for $50 shipped]
notes: If all Mangas as shown in the pictures above are purchased, they will be discounted to the price shown above, and as an added bonus I will throw in 1 Viz Media Yellow w/ Black Trim Bag. While supplies last.

**Items Sold**
**[ Fighter's Choice Arcade Stick (case only, no pcb) - $20 for both shipped ]**  -  SOLD to defghui
**[ Gatchaman watch - $10 shipped ]**  -  SOLD to Smashbro29
**[ Various Anime Soundtracks - all for $20 shipped ]**  -  SOLD to Smashbro29
**[ Custom Evangelion Themed Madcatz SE Fightstick for Xbox 360 w/ joystick LED mod - $110 local pickup]**  -  SOLD to cam93230
**[1] - [12 Month Gold Subscription for Xbox 360 (factory sealed) - $35 local pickup]**  -  SOLD to XBlades
**[1] - [12 Month Gold Subscription for Xbox 360 (factory sealed) - $35 local pickup]**  -  SOLD to lockon
**[Forza Motorsport 3 Exclusive 2010 Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro Code for Xbox 360 - $4 local pickup]**  -  SOLD to lockon
**[Set of 8 Clear Blue Seimitsu PS-14-KN's]** - TRADED with Qweets
**[Set of (5) Pink & (3) White Hori 30mm buttons - $15 local pick up]** - SOLD to RUMBLE82
**[ Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 2 Raiho Special Edition for PS2 - $30 shipped]** - SOLD to MikeySupreme

That EVA stick is hella sexy, I wish I could afford :<

Holy crap that is an AMAZING deal for the Eva Bundle. If only I could afford it ><

pm’d for fighter’s choice

You taking trades for that mayflash? Check my thread.


@ .Cobra:
PM’d ya

-Also updated: Fighter’s Choice Combo SOLD! =D

@ defghui: your items have been shipped, check your PM box for confirmation number.:tup:

Updates: Anime Soundtracks & Gatchaman Watch SOLD!!!

@ Smashbro29: Your items have been shipped and should be on there way. :tup: Check your PM box for the confirmation number.

Thanks for the business guys! Keep em coming! :bgrin: I know you guys want that Special Offer Eva Bundle! Its a great deal too! :wow: Hurry while supplies last… (lol, I’ve always wanted to say that… im so cliched :razz:)

Eva bundle. Want. For realz. Can’t justify the cash now, though. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!

Alright. I’ve added some more items and have updated the list…

Alrighty then… Ive added 2 new Xbox Live One Year Gold Subscriptions, made some updates, and added a possible “Will trade for…” list.

Custom Evangelion Themed Madcatz SE Fightstick for Xbox 360 w/ joystick LED mod SOLD!!! :bgrin: Sorry guys but ya snooze and you lose… The Mayflash is still available for you guys if ur still interested. :tup: C’mon peeps I know you want it lol

Lol, ok… price drop on the Mayflash… This is aimed at all yall on the fence about it, this thing is basically asking for it now lol so buy it already =P

damn that sticks so sexy , I want it so bad, Too bad im broke id buy it instantly for my brother he loves evangelion

Well, haven’t heard any word from the potential buyers on the Mayflash and so its up for grabs again… I kinda don’t like doing holds anymore since it just wastes my time when it falls thru so my policy is now going to be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED… i will reflect this in my first post… also forgot to mention PRICE DROPS!.. come on people buy my stuff XD they’re reasonably priced and I need da money! XD If you’re short on cash, offer me some arcade parts… im planning some project mods and having the parts i listed up above should also help me out… :tup:

Both 12-Month Gold Subscription for Xbox 360 SOLD locally! :tup:

Removed the Mayflash since there was so many people who flaked on the deal.

Rofl… well its been a long while and i totally forgot i still had this stuff up for sale so i thought hell… Price Drops galore! I mean c’mon there has to be someone whos interested lol… anywayz I’ve updated the list and also added some new stuff as well…

edit: Memorial Day Deal is over… everything turned back to normal

Alright, the Set of 8 Clear Blue Seimitsu PS-14-KN’s have been successfully TRADED and the Set of (5) Pink & (3) White Hori 30mm buttons have been SOLD…

Man u guys are killin me here :xeye: … Price drops again on almost everything… This’ll probably be the final drop too b’cuz going any lower than what i have already dropped to wouldn’t even be worth it… I originally wanted to at least break even but now im already way below that :sad: C’mon any interests guys? Im down for trades too… Let me know…

pad price shipped to 98284? also willing to drop price?