WTS: Arcade parts, hard drives, DCAgetec

I have the following for sale.

- Seimitsu LS-32 (non-PCB, no ball top): $20.00 with $2.00 shipping

- 3 ball tops (baby blue, black, pink): $3 each with free shipping, buy all 3 for $8.00 with free shipping as well

- Random white arcade buttons (brand unknown): $5.00 with free shipping

- Tek-Innovations Arrow Dustwasher, clear for Sanwa JLF (non-Shaft cover): $2.00 with free shipping

SOLD [COLOR=#000000]-[/COLOR] DC Agetec (been modded by previous owner to fit a JLF, comes with Wii HORI buttons with SANWA micro-switches inside): $30.00 with $4.00 shipping

- Formula 1 racing steering wheel for PC: $25.00 local pick up for now but will do shipping later on for this item

- 2 internal Hard Drives Samsung 60GB & Western Digital 160GB: 60GB for $30.00 & 160GB for $50.00 with $5.00 shipping for both items

- Nintendo DSi charger: $5.00 with free shipping

- Pokemon games for DS Platinum & Heart Gold: $15.00 for each or both for $26.00 all with free shipping

any of the items under $5.00 will not include tracking number unless requested for. Sorry no international shipping too much of a hassle.

I am also interested for trades

Looking for the following:

  • xbox 360 Madcatz fightpad **
    xbox 360 wireless headset**
  • Sanwa 30mm screw-in buttons prefer white or blue but other colors are ok

Payment must be sent via Paypal. Will ship items asap. 48 States only PLEASE & THANK YOU :slight_smile:



pm sent

Someone cop the Green Goblin, good deal!

i forgot to put that the HORI buttons in the agetec have SANWA micro-switches

DC Agetec has been sold to Bernie

I have an unopened ryu fight pad and another new but opened brawl pad.

oh cool! what item would you like to trade for?