WTS Arcade parts / Random electronic devices (speakers)


Looking to sell a lot of Arcade stick gear, and old stuff. (I’m not into the gaming scene a I once was) Lot of this is pretty useful to have for stick modders, and probably for people who still own old school consoles. Either way, the more you buy the more you’ll be saving me the space.

You pay for Shipping. (I usually try to ship the cheapest, so the more you buy, the better deal you will get if I can shove everything into a 5 dollar USPS box/envelope.
---------Arcade Parts
HayaBusa (Optical): $45 SOLD
Hori PS2 PCB: $5 SOLD
Sanwa Buttons: $1.50 each SOLD
Balltops: $2.50 each (one of the clear ones has a weird crack in the ball, it is split 4 ways, Kinda looks cool and I been using it. Couldn’t really feel a difference) Military Green is SOLD
MadCatz Controller (PS2): $5
Dust Covers: 25 Cents Each
Button plugs (2-30mm and 1-24 mm): $2 for allSOLD
Sanwa Stick: $15 SOLD
Quick Disconnects: $5 for 20
Stick parts Actuators/Shafts (variety of lengths)/Shaft covers/misc: $1 each item. (more you buy the better they are good spare parts) SOLD
Sanwa Mounting plates: $3 each SOLD
Octogan gates: $2.50 each. SOLD
---------Random Electronics
Sony Headphones: $5
Xonar DB Sound Card(never used): $20
Creative Speaker set up (Pair with Aux Sub): $20
Chromecast (1st Gen): $10 SOLD
3 Old webcams (used for streaming): $5 eachSOLD
2.1 USB power speaker (Great for set ups): $10
Creative speakers (Green pair): $10



Bump -
Marked some items as Sold. Still have couple things left if anyone is interested! (Ball tops and Dust covers especially with Quick Disconnects galore)