WTS: Arcade Parts (Sanwa), Arcade Stick (Happ\iL), and various electronics

No time for intro, Lets get right down to business…

I have for sell here a Sanwa JLF.
It comes with your choice of a black or gray ball top.

NOTE: This sanwa JLF was “modified” to fit inside a Hori Fighting Stick 3.
Visit this thread to get an understanding of what was altered.

Other than that it work 100%
and as an added bonus, to make up for what was altered im throwing in this “octogate” and replacement springs for FREE!

Im looking for $20 shipped. (SOLD!)

Up next for sell are 6 “used” White Sanwa 30mm Snap-ins.

A little accident happened with one of the buttons i was trying to desolder.

one of the legs broke off…BUT this button as well as the other 5 have all been tested and are working 100%

all you have to do is solder your lead directly on top of the part that was snapped off and you’re good to go.

Im looking for $15 shipped for the whole 6.

Up next for sell is this custom made “budget” American Style stick.

Comes with:
1 Happ Competition Stick
6 White iL comp buttons
2 “concave” happ buttons (Start / Select)

the only thing thats missing is a PCB for it, just add a PCB and its good to go.

looking for $40 shipped

Up next for sell is the adaptec gamebridge 1400

what this device does is basically let you record your console gaming footage. Nothing more, nothing less.
it comes with an installation CD as well.

NOTE! This product works for 32 bit operating systems ONLY!

looking for $20 shipped. (SOLD!)

up next for sell is the “GP2X ultimate package”.

this package comes with everything you need for the GP2x F-200.
But before we get into that, let me tell you what this device does.
Its basically a homebrew handheld.

you can play Genesis

Final Burn Alpha




Gameboy Advance
Sega CD
Sega 32X
Watch Movies Or TV shows on it.

you can play a FUCK load of ish on this thing.
Cuz with this package comes with a 16GB Scandisk card to store all your memory.

Also comes with a (now discontinued) “TV OUT” add-on for the handheld.

it lets you play your handheld on the TV.
And with 4 USB ports available on the device, it will allow you to use ANY controller / Arcade Stick, Keyboard , Mouse, etc you have with the handheld.

It comes with a (compatible) RadioShack adapter as well.
(because the “official” adapter for the product is discontinued and nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find.)

This whole package right here is retailed at over 300 dollars!
but can be yours for $130 shipped. (SOLD!)

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time.

Interested in handheld. Can you give more information on it? How is it powered? Does it have like a rechargeable battery or something? If I’m playing an RPG or something, how do I save? As much information you can give, please do.

The handheld is powered via that adapter or 2 rechargeable AA batteries.
The handheld comes with SDram so you can pretty much save anything. That or you can use an emulators save state function to save your progress.

here are the specs:

* Chipset: MagicEyes MMSP2 MP2520F System-on-a-chip
* CPU: 200MHz ARM920T host processor, 200 MHz ARM940T programmable coprocessor (can be overclocked to as high as 300Mhz)
* NAND Flash ROM: 64 MB
* Operating System: GNU/Linux-based OS
* Storage: SD Card (Latest firmware supports SDHC)
* Connection to PC: USB 2.0 High Speed
* USB Host: USB 1.1
* Power: 2  AA battery or via AC adapter
* Display: 320240 3.5 inch, 65,536 colors TFT LCD
* TV output
* Physical size: 143.6 mm wide, 82.9 mm high, 27 mm (excl. joystick approx.) / 34 mm deep
* Weight: 161 g (without battery)

As of right now, 2 people are interested in the handheld. And for those that know me i usually do my sells on first come/pay, first serve terms.

Interested in that gamebridge. :slight_smile: You take paypal or MO?

paypal only.

Well I am interested so if those other 2 fall through, shoot me a pm.

alright, to clear up some confusion and to make things easier for everyone thats interested in whats listed.

I am NOW doing business on a first pay first get bases.
I will NOT hold a product for anyone.
If you find something you like and have the money for it NOW, shoot me a PM and its yours.

sorry. Nothing personal…Just business.

payment sent for the jlf

PM me your paypal and i’ll take that gamebridge. :slight_smile:

Shot you a PM about the handheld. Confirm for me and I’ll pay you asap.

Payment Sent for GP2X.

ALL orders made today have been SHIPPED!

That GameBridge is a complete steal. Congrats to whoever got it. eBay prices for the GameBridge are stupid inflated since it’s discontinued.