WTS Arcade Parts - Sticks

Hey Hey, looking to downsize again and trying to get rid of some more stuff. All prices include shipping within the US only.

Tekken 4 Case fully Sanwa Populated. This also has the yellow Meshball, ball top. Top panel is covered with 3M Di-Noc carbon fiber vinyl. This stick has NEVER been played on. I stocked with some of my NOS parts, and shelved it, never really had a need for it so whoever snags this is in for a treat.** There is NO PCB in this, this is for the case, Stick, and buttons. a Cthulhu or PS360 can drop right into this case. **

70$ Fully populated.
55$ For the case and buttons
40$ For just the case

Next up is a Set of lightly played (Under 4 hours total) Pink Sanwa Snap ins with matching TE Bezel, balltop, and dust washer.


Next is a Set of Marvel Vs. Capcom Themed Sanwa Buttons. These are also NOS and have never been played. 18$

Next I have some Octo Gates that I no longer need. SOLD

More to come soon… Stay Tuned

If I can get someone to take my round 2 te for 360 id be interested in the case fasho

Sounds Good, let me know!



Updated. Pink set, and Octogates gone!

Interested in just the Blue buttons

Going to try and sell them as a set of 6 first. If they don’t go in a week, i’ll split them up.

I am interested in the mahvel buttons. They have micro switches too?

Sure do, they are full buttons.

Youre from Tally! Ill take it, im from Jax. Any way we can exchange locally? You coming to any of the tournaments these next few weeks?

Unfortunately I am in Tampa for the next week for Work. I can hold on to them for you if you’re planning on coming to Tally anytime soon or i can see if any of the Tally crew are heading your way when I get back.