WTS: Arcade stick, SF 25th Chess Set


Just moved and I’m looking to get rid of some of the stuff that I’m either not using or simply don’t know what to do with.

SOLD! Street Fighter x Tekken MadCatz Fightstick Pro LE for 360 (the red one) complete with a matching red bat top. I can put the ball top back on if you’d like or simply include it in the packaging so you can swap it out if you want. Obviously due to the mod it’s not new in the box and has seen some light use but I do also have the original box for it. Asking $150 due to the whole LE part but I’m open to offers if they’re not crazy.


Also selling a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set. This thing is amazing and I really felt it was worth the original price I paid for it ($300) but I have nowhere to display it in my place and I’m obviously not going to use it to play chess on. I have a video of me unboxing it if you want to see the condition here:

It has not been really used since then and is in as perfect condition as it can be having been opened and looked at. I am asking $250 or best offer.

Also sold. I also have a used Droid Bionic phone (Verizon Wireless) if anybody needs a 4G android smartphone and doesn’t want to renew a contract. That one I’m totally open to offers for but since I have to put an asking price, I’ll go with $100. It is fully functional and has nothing more than the normal amount of expected wear and tear for a phone I used for about a year.

I can provide additional pictures or even video of the items if requested. I do also have an extra eightarc Fusion that I’m not really using and might be willing to part with but I have custom art and a bat stick on it and I’m probably not going to want to swap that out, so you’d be changing the art and stick yourself if you wanted that. Since I’m not sure about selling that just yet, I’m not going to list a price but feel free to PM an offer or post here. Thanks for looking!


What console is the sfxt stick for?


That may have helped. 360. My bad!


Bumping this up with lowered prices!

360 MadCatz Fightstick Pro LE in red - $150obo
SF 25th Anniversary Chess set - $250obo

Shipping is extra on both items based on your preference for timing/carrier.


Just bought this lol! i like that chess set i might pick it up off you


is this the Droid Bionic Phone you are selling? --> http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_droid_bionic_xt875-3710.php


That would be the one, yeah.