WTS: Arcade Sticks, Parts, PCBs, ComicCon UMVC3 Shirt & Games


I’m moving in a few months and am trying to get rid of a few things I dont use anymore. I’m located in Flushing, NY and am shipping USPS within the US only, Sorry no PO boxes. I’m only accepting payments via PayPal. I’m also open to offers or interesting trades.

eBay ref

New York ComicCon 2011 exclusive UMVC3 XL shirt. Brand new, never worn before (too big for me) ** $18 shipped!**

All buttons are lightly used but have plenty of life left in them, $10 minimum on all parts orders. Shipping is not included in the prices unless otherwise stated, the more you order the cheaper it will be. Buy more than $25 worth of stuff and your shipping is free!

Push Buttons
Sanwa OBSN 24mm Screwbutton Dark Red x 10 $1.25 each

Sanwa OBSF 30mm Pushbuttons White x 6 $1.50 each
Sanwa OBSF 30mm Pushbuttons Dark Hai (Grey) x 6 $1.50 each

Miscellaneous Balltops
Sanwa LB-35 Balltop Red x 1 $1.50
Sanwa LB-35 OG Mesh Ball Red x 1 $10 shipped!
Sanwa LB-35 Balltop White x 1 $1.25

MadCatz TE Red Bezel x 2 $10 each
MadCatz TE Original Round 1 SFIV Top Panel Artwork $5

Buy any 3 games, get free shipping!

Wii Games (all games complete & in like new condition)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess $10
Alien Syndrome $5

Xbox Games (all games complete & in very good condition)
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse $6
Amped 2 $7
Halo 2 $8
Star Wars: Battlefront $12

Xbox 360 Games (all games complete & in like new condition unless otherwise noted)
Halo 3 Collectors Edition $15
Armored Core 4 $8
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (generic case, no booklet) $5
Condemned: Criminal Origins (generic case, no booklet) $5
Enchanted Arms $7
Overlord $8
XBLA Compilation (Pac Man CE, UNO, Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2) $5
Ridge Racer 6 $7
Gears of War Platinum Hits $8
Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland $10
Tony Hawk’s Project 8 $10
Dead Rising $8
Perfect Dark Zero $5

*Multi-Console Cthuhlu sold!
*Custom Madcatz TE sold on eBay!
*Madcatz 360 TE PCBs sold!
*Seimitsu LS-32 sold to hibachifinal
*Seimitsu 30mm Screwbuttons traded to W00P MstR FresH
*Axisdapter & Sixaxis PCB sold to liquidcourage
*Seimitsu Bubbletop, Custom Sanwa Balltop & MadCatz Top Panel sold to fateXd2
*Dual Modded VSHG sold to bullet1231
*Agetech Case sold to Bernie


Check PMs. Thanks!


Agetech case sold!
Thanks again Bernie, it’ll be on its way soon.


please post pics of the VSHG when you get a chance.


Is the vshg still for sale if so…can you please post pics

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Yes it is still available but I’m not shipping stuff atm. Trying to sell this locally for now.

I’ll take some pictures later tonight.

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Added a PS3 round 1 TE wireless setup and added a bunch of pictures of the VSHG. Still looking to sell this stuff locally for now, not interested in trades unless your offering a PS360+ or two.


Now shipping stuff, added stuff I WTB.




Bump, prices adjusted!

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Final price drop on the VSHG, if no one takes it I’ll end up just keeping it.

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Ok so the wife says these need to go, another price drop lol.

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Replied to all PMs.

FYI: I’m not parting out the VSHG (that would be a crime)

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Thanks again bullet1231, should have it shipped out to you soon.


Added a ton of new stuff for sale, check it out!






All PMs replied too, thanks guys.


Shipped out all packages today. Thanks again guys, you should have your stuff soon.