WTS Arcade Sticks (PS2, and dual-mod)

I decided its about time to liquidate some of my PS2 sticks so I can finally get back to fighters on the 360.


The first stick I have is a dual modded SE with seimitsu buttons. It’s dual-modded for the PS2/360.
It was modded by Kasprfoto on the forums.
$120 shipped to lower 48

The second Stick I have is a Big Pockets stick. Unfortunately it was damaged when it was sent to me, it still works just fine, and it uses a JLW. Which I think personally is better then a JLF… but that’s opinion.
$50 + shipping

Also I have 6 Sanwa Vermilion OBSF-30’s $18 shipped

Also have a PS3 MvC2 TE that is Pending
If meus decides he doesnt want it I will put it for sale.

All shipping will be done FedEx, because USPS and UPS have screwed up my orders and given me damaged packages in the past and I dont want to put people through that frustration.

Are you looking for trades?
Yes, yes I am.

Looking for a Happ case, 360 pre-wired pcb (madcatz retro), pre-wired ps2 pcb (or MC Cthulu), Chimp or imp. Other then that, nothing really… maybe a WoW time card, but the other stuff is more important.

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i pm’ed you about the ps2 stick

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