Wts: arcade sticks (Sold)


Sup everyone. Just getting rid of some sticks i dont even use. Sorry for crappy pictures but i had to use my friends crappy camera from the future. ( notice the date on pictures)

Hrap2 (Sold)

Se Fightstick (Sold)

SC2 Stick $45 (sold)
In great condition

DC Blaze Twin Arcade Stick - Ebay (Sold)

Everything gone thread can be closed


What kind of pcb is in the hrap 2 you have the turbos covered up. is it the original?


yeah its the original pcb. forgot to put the turbo buttons are gone though


If you are looking for turbos, I have some oranges.


Bump, price drop




SE Fight Stick payed for


Se stick sold


pm sent


Hrap2 sold


Added blaze twin dc arcade stick to ebay


Everything sold mod can close