WTS: Arcana Heart 2 Real Arcade Pro $65 Shipped. SOLD PLEASE CLOSE THREAD


Arcana Heart 2 stick used for 3 hours. Got it to play CVS2 and used it for one night. This is a HRAP with the Hori buttons directly soldered to the PCB like the non-HRAP Hori Tekken 5 stick. Does have a Sanwa JLF joystick that connects with the 5 pin wiring harness. Don’t have any pics because my digital camera broke last week. 65 shipped.


Is the AH2 stick that white and pink one?




sent you a PM


Changed to a sell instead of trade to speed things up.


would you consider selling just the te-s case?


You’re the second person to ask me that. I guess. $35 shipped.




. adding a Tekken Hybrid Namco TE-S case. a light scratch or two just below the top panel but otherwise in great shape.


How much for the Namco TE-S case?


$85 was too rich for fifty8mm. everything is still up for grabs.


Give ur paypal ill send you 10 free bucks you little bitch


Save the internet muscles for Xbox live please.


I was being serious.


soul calibur 5 and tekken hybrid cases on hold for liquidcourage.


soul calibur 5 and tekken hybrid cases sold to liquidcourage.


Price drop on Arcana Heart 2 stick.






All PMs answered.