WTS : Arcana Heart 3.01 ROM / Cart

Arcana Heart 3.01 (newest update!)
for Examu EX-BOARD
will come with 1x marquee and 1x CP display, both new and never used in a cabinet.
asking $1250 shipped obo in USA. Payment via paypal.

feel free to shoot me a pm with offers as well.

Are yo9u selling the mother board also and what about #2? :slight_smile:

Nah #2 is staying here. The ex-board? It would have to be a great offer for me to throw that in.

bump up, requisite price drop.

I tried searching and I still don’t know.

What is a Marquee and a CP display?

A marquee for a game is like the banner of the game. If you see a Marvel vs Capcom 2 arcade you know its that game not just the screen but the banner or sign in the plastic above the cabinet. Its just the banner for the game.

The CP display is the control panel display. It just shows the controls as its named. The button layout and how to do some small technical moves etc…

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I would be willing to buy this but I don’t have an eX-BOARD to play it on. I need to find out how to get one.

I can get you the info needed to get ex-board if that’s whats holding it up.

probably last price drop before eBay and neogeo forums