WTS: Arcana Heart PS2 Poster

I have an Arcana Heart poster for sale. It’s the poster for the PS2-release, B2-size. $32 shipped ($35 for Europe) with EMS in a poster tube. Paypal fees included. If more are interested you’re welcome to bid. :lovin:
Here’s what it looks like:


I like, but that’s a lot for a single poster. :frowning:

LOL, Rob, don’t you have the same one without the advertisement!? :wgrin:

Yeah, but it’s a lot smaller. (if it was the other AH poster, i’d have bought it in a heartbeat)

You mean the arcade poster (the characters on a white background)? I’m afraid that one would be abit more expensive.

Will add a Arcana Heart 2 flyer from AOU 2008 for free!

Upload picture and I’ll let you know if we have a deal or not.

You can find scans at gamengai.

How big is the flyer? I’m having trouble picturing the size from the scans.

A4. It’s 2 pages, folded (so actually 4 pages).

If poonage doesnt take this I will for a backdrop, waiting on him to decide.

Sure. Let me know when you guys’ve decided.

Sorry for not posting, I’m passing. All yours!

Butterbird check your pms when you get a sec.