WTS: Army of Two: 40th Day (360)


For sale is a Virtua Stick High Grade for the PS3. It is in great condition. Comes with original box (Box is kind of beat up) SOLD

Also for sale:

Tekken 6 (PS3): In excellent condition as it was barely used. SOLD

Army of Two: 40th Day (360): In excellent condition. $30 Shipped

Offers are welcome






would you clean it off a bit and repost the image. The pic is not doing you any favors.


Cleaned stick and re-posted a clean picture.


dam pic makes it look alot better looked kinda beat up b4 gl bro havent seen u on here in while


Yes. much better. Looking for anything to trade?


Beautiful! Hmm I may have an HRAP 2 mint in box for trade. I don’t think it was ever used…I have to think long and hard about it though. Anyways free bump-age!


Not really looking for trades but thanks guys. Feel free to make offers though


Is this the S-revision? If so 175 Shipped?


Its the “M” revision as seen on the second image so it’s fine in terms of the inputs. I’ll keep your offer in mind but I would like to get more for this. Please PM me with any future offers.


Bump for added items


I’ll take that Tekken. Pay tomorrow? (Wednesday)


^damn i was 4 minutes too slow on tekken


Sounds good. Defghui, if anything falls through i’ll let you know


Sounds good. Defghui, if anything falls through i’ll let you know


WB J where have u been man.


Giga send me you paypal info pleeze!


Sent! thx!




Bump for price drop. Cue16, Tekken 6 will be shipped out tomorrow as I got delayed today.


Will you be interested on trading your VSHG for the following choices?

HRAP 3 SA with Bubble top and snap in seimitsus (new and Boxed)
PS3 TE (new and Boxed)