WTS ASCII answer pics

I have an ASCII answer for sale. Fitted with sanwa components, shaft,plate, plastic holder thingy, octogate, and a pink mesh balltop all brand new. The spring is custom fitted, also comes with a harness. Don’t know how much to sell it for so I’ll start at $150 shipped. Pics to come later today. As I’m at work. Interested parties could also call me at 7024816036. Tnx

!!! I’m interested in a lower price hehe… But yea would love pics! I’m interested to say the least…

put me 2nd in line for interest sir!

I’ll post pics later on my lunch break, I’ll go home to shoot them pics.

If you don’t mind please post what this sells for. Thanks

Hi Kyle, price is in the post above ^^^^

I think he means how much you end up getting paid for it, not what your listed price is.

Thanks. This is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion. I have a couple of these that I’m considering selling myself and wanted to know what you end up getting for it.

pics are up now!

Looks like a good price to me.Freebumpa

What’s special about this stick? Is it an optical stick? How much different is it from a JLF?

Yep Lefty, it’s an optical joystick. What’s more is that this one is especially special since it features a rare out of production color of Sanwa Meshball, an LB-35-MP. That meshball on that ASCII Answer is one of the original meshball production runs from a LONG time ago. It’s got a much more defined mesh patten and is in a color shade that Sanwa doesn’t produce any more. The last one I saw went for $30.00 by itself!

Wow. I guess there is a huge line to buy this thing, huh? Oh well…

bullet1231, I’m curious as to what the significance of that wiring harness is in the images. It could be my eyes deceiving me, but do you have it rigged up to the ASCII Answer PCB somehow?

@ikagi- no that was the plan though, I wad gonna rig it so it can use the harness but it never happened, lol

Your Shaft Cover is upside-down.

pm sent

Is it really? I thought it went both ways.

…no homo. But yeah it is, one end is slightly thicker.

Shaft cover is now fixed!