WTS ascii cvs stick for DC

if u dont no what this is its a really rare ass stick made in japan for cvs2 on DC it has a jap stick thats optical WOW im lookin to sell it or trade it for other sticks for psx but yeah im lookin for 100$ plus shipping i think this is a good deal seeing how rare this sucker is and believe me i looked its rare and i just tested it execution was flawless on it. ill be providng pictures as soon as i can so hold up i gotta borrow my friends camera.

I’ll wait till I see pics.

is it the optical one?

yes it is

pics r up scattered throught out the post didnt no how to put more then 1 pic on same post

Cough. . .

Yea, that’s right.

If anyone is wondering, the ascii flash stick is great, but it will be a bitch to mod, especially if you want to keep the DC PCB.

if anyone was wondering its been sold sry zombie i hella wanted to trade u but i had to keep my honor and sell it to original buyer dam that chunli stick was sexy too =[