Hey basically I got a DC ascii stick with a pcb and I am including the original ascii stick housing ( not the optical) with a jlf pcb should pop right in. Thanks!



…price? and why dont you just go ahead and hook it up?


He did list a price.


if someone wants me to I will

The guy under me is a dumbass


edited in


hey smart guy if you edit something in it timestamps under the post. Btw look up


lmao are you kidding? i was just telling eczangief that you had edited your thread title with a price
calm down bessy


And he’s telling you that he didn’t edit it. The price has been there since he posted the thread.


Yes, the price was already in Title.
No Edit, because I saw the Thread when made.

hakdizzle, so you keep ASCII Optical PCB.
Why not you take the ASCII Base too?

Because ASCII Optical PCB does not fit into JLF Base without modify.


Hey jdm I wanted to keep the original housing but my hrap v3 sa had stripped screws(manufacturing defect) so I couldn’t remove the jlf without dremeling So it was easier to modify the jlf and I was familiar with it. Also If you guys want just the pcb case or whatever send me a price,

Im willing to mod it but you gotta be super duper serious.