WTS: ASCII Dreamcast Optical Arcade Joystick

This is a black with yellow buttons ascii original japanese arcade joystick. It features a super high quality optical sanwa flash clone joystick. The stock buttons are nice as well.


here is a picture for reference. no real photos at the moment. the joystick is in decent condition. its not immaculate, but definitely a great find.

Asking what I paid which is 110 Shipped. These are very rare. I own two of them. They are probably the most comfortable stock joystick ive ever owned due to its very ergonomic shape.


PM sent.

This is NOT a Sanwa Flash, it is a clone though, and it’s very very good. I have it in one of my customs ATM.

i said it was a clone. the joystick says ascii, but they cloned the sanwa flash as best they could. even sanwa jlf gates fit on this. and the joystick will mount to any jlf mounting since its in the family of jlf’s. a great joystick indeed.

I’m not sure about this. The shaft on mine is smaller than a sanwa shaft, and when I mounted it in my stick (pretty standard bottom mount on MDF) I had problems b/c the shaft was so short. Solution was to just use a JLF shaft, which fit perfectly. It is a fantastic joystick, and you (yes, you) should buy it.

you are correct.

Warning: it is a bitch to mod the buttons! And the stock spring is kinda mushy. Other than that, it is a dream and a half if you throw in a square gate (comes with octagonal).