WTS: Ascii Optical Joystick. Almost Sanwa Flash Interesting

This is a Sanwa Flash Clone Joystick. It is fully optical and has no switches that click. It is silent. I have modified this one with a Sanwa square gate and Sanwa JLF Spring, Shaft, and all parts possible that can come off of a Sanwa JLF. The mount is a standard JLF mount. This is plug and play with chtulu boards. The action is very smooth and precise. These are very rare. With the JLF parts and the ASCII PCB, this is as close to a Sanwa Flash (almost discernible) that you can get.

Asking $55 shipped.



Hmm very interested in this. Kind of hard for to bite seeing as how I have never even felt one (no homo).

can this (or a regular flash for that matter) be wired up to a sony dualshock 3? I would like to stay wireless.

Buy it Pablo, you must

sold to pablo to the mex

damn…too late :smiley: great buy pablo ^___^