WTS: Asian PS2 $110 Shipped, SFAE Modded Stick $100 Shipped

Will only ship stateside. Paypal only.

Model: SCPH-90006 CW (Very Good Condition) $110 shipped with HNK and Samurai Showdown 6.

I ordered it several years ago from Play-Asia to play Japanese games. The system only has about 60 hours of play on it since I got it and has been case kept when not in use. The pad pictured came with the system and has been never been used. The AV out cord is a little worn out though and had has to be positioned just right. It is not the cord that came with the system.

SFAE PS2 Mod with Happ Competition Buttons $75 Shipped SOLD

Very good condition and only has about 50 hours of play on it. The blue buttons are Happs the 2 black buttons and stick are stock. Modded with a PS2 pad as the original PCB’s weren’t very reliable IMO. The back cover is off but will be included. It’s pictured on the bottom right corner of the box. It could be glued or screwed back on but I just kept it off for access to the wiring if I needed it. Also includes the original poster and box.

damn thats a great deal on that ps2, goodluck with the sale!

Thanks, just trying to gather the money to go to EVO otherwise I’d keep it.

PS2 pm’d

bump, price drop on stick

can that ps2 play usa games?

Ps2’s are region locked so it doesn’t play American games.

Bump price drip.


SFAE stick sold.

Ps2 sold. Please close.