WTS: Assassins Creed Brother Hood (360) / Guitar Hero 2 (360) + Other


Assassins Creed Brotherhood is in good / mint condition. Little to no scratches. Wont come in original case but instead will come in a fallout 3 case (lol) - [S]$15[/S] $10

Wireless Xbox 360 controller - Wont come with the battery pack that it came with originally. Dog chewed it to pieces. In fairly good condition w/ some minor scruffs on the palm area near the bottom on each side - $20

Guitar Hero 2 (w/o guitar) in ‘okay’ condition. Has some scratches and 1 noticeable ~1inch scratch near the edge of the disk. Although, still in 100% working condition. - [S]$5[/S] $3

Stock Intel LGA 1155 cpu cooler (w/ factory thermal paste) - [S]$7[/S] $5

Only doing **local trades **around the Los Angeles area (eagle rock, glendale, highland park). But will ship if shipping is not expensive


Shipping for a DVD is like 5 dollars.


Ah. thank you, lol


Bump. Lowered prices.


Added wireless xbox 360 controller