WTS: Assassins Creed II/Bayonetta Mint Copies (Xbox 360)

I’m selling a copy of AC2 in pristine condition. The disc is in perfect condition with absolutely no damage or wear. The case and manual are in the same condition. Pretty much the same game you’d get from the store brand new. If pictures are needed I can provide them.

Price: $35 (this includes first class mail shipping)


Bayonetta Price: $45 (includes first class mail)


Uh. Mind clarifying what console it’s for?

my bad…its 360


pixies added, and bayonetta added!

trade for mw2?

no thanks

dropped prices

i’ll trade you a los angeles fight club t shirt in Xl

still in package never been opened for bayonetta

let me know

Nah, wouldn’t fit, and I don’t have any use for it. I need monies…