WTS: Astro City Cabinet - $700/$600 - Long Beach, CA

I have an Astro City here, no monitor burn in, new fully populated stainless steel panel, and the original speakers have been replaced with better, magnetic shielded speakers. Comes with vga converter board that allows vga inputs (PC/Dreamcast/Xbox 360/PS3/etc) to display properly on the 15khz arcade monitor. I have a sound amp installed as well, to make configuring it with different systems a lot easier. Also has a working coin mech for American quarters as well. The There is no jamma harness inside, so if you want to turn it into a normal cabinet, it’s going to need to be re-wired. Does not come with any systems or games. Essentially a bare bones cabinet. Just literally drop in a console or pc.

There is some tagging on the bezel, not really distracting. (I provided a picture) bezel can be replaced or sanded/repainted if you want to go that route.
There is painting done to the cabinet done by the previous owner.
Original locks have been removed. 2 for cp have been replaced with generic Home Depot locks and come with keys. Underside compartments of cabinet do not have locks.



If you want it with out the control panel/buttons i’ll sell for $600

damn 900 huh to bad am in nyc wish i had this

$100 price drop

still want to sell this

if this where cheaper and willing to ship to nyc then this would be sweet



damn i feel honored that Markman has the same taste in the cab i wanted to buy. Markman enjoy it good friend i know i would have

I picked this up