WTS: Astro City Mame Cab


ok so here is the story… i got into a lil accident a lil while back and lost my car… so im tryin 2 get a bit of extra money 2 finally get the car i have always wanted! (75" Datsun 280z) and am lookin 2 sell my Astro city just 2 get me a lil extra bump. i got it in feb. from Ken over at www.thegameroom.com

im lookin 2 get at least **$1000 Local Pick up only!
im located in Tracy Ca. bout an hour away from the bay area and also about an hour from Sacramento

it includes:
all seimitsu parts (have about 3hrs of play on them)
asus mother board with Nvidia 7025 chipset
AMD Sempron processor (runs super cool)
3gb ram
500gb hdd
wireless keyboard and mouse
is still coin op with a super ghetto coin mech! accepts quarters, dimes, nickles and even pennies!!
sound is being run thru 2.1 logitec speakers.
1000’s of games!

the screen has minor screen burn on the bottom left corner aswell as the top right.
it is still all jamma wired so if you wanted 2 take out the computer n throw in legit pcbs then you can do it all no problem!

and last but not least my Ghetto coin mech!!

Pm Me with any questions!



Bump for price drop!


No 1 ever sells these on the east cost always west cost :frowning:


i feel your pain for no eastcoast selling love… lol … bump for selling a dope machine !


lol if i ever drive to florida imma hunt for 1 but ill prob take a plain out and stay a week to take my daughter to disney land


I just bought an astro city from cali for 900 from neo-geo.com


dam u dont live far from me:)


good luck with the sale



Do u have the keys and locks for the machine?


no keys… i have the locks tho, after another one of my cabs eh Dman? lol


:smiley: If I had an extra $1,000 to spend, that cab would be gone in a second. Plus the people checking out the thread were probably wondering.