WTS: Astro City Panel (2L16B)


Astro Panel SOLD


shipped to 98284?


also is that the lowest u can go on price?


Hey, do you still have this astro city panel?


Yes I do


Are you going to EVO? I may buy it just wondering easiest way to get it to me.


Im serious about wanting to buy it but can I get pics of the rustage on here please?


Here’s a pic of the rusting:

I am not sure if I am going to evo. If there isn’t a 3SOE demo station, I probably won’t be going.
But I do live in Vegas, so I could end up going anyway.

Someone already PMed before you, so I’ll let you know if they don’t want it.


Yeah I forsure will buy this I just need a confirmation, Ill be at evo.