WTS: Astro City Panel & Base w/ buttons... etc


Hey, the panel and surround are sold, I’m going through offers on the other items but no official buyers yet on these items so I’ll leave them up here till I get replies out and responses
I have a spare LS-32-01 for $16 shipped)
-Siemitsu LS-40 with red shaft cover ($16 shipped)
-Versus City Panel (single player… clear coat is cracking $30 shipped)
-Sanwa style astro/blast/versus panel 2 player 6 buttons each… made by river city… missing art and needs cleaning to remove residue $25 shipped)


Holy crap, what a great deal man. If I had use for it I’d be all over this. I’m sure this will sell in a few seconds, lol.


Holy crap, what a great deal man. If I had use for it I’d be all over this. I’m sure this will sell in a few seconds, lol.






if the top 2 flake PM me ill take it


damn, why didn’t i see this a few hours ago. i’ll take the panel and base if everyone else backs out.

also, can you post pics of the single player and 2p panels?


If all others back out I 'll take it lol


I wanna buy one :frowning:


Hey the astro surround and panel w/ buttons is sold as are the 2 pcbs
I’m going through PMs on the other items and will get responses out shortly


Are there any pics of the items available?


Yes! Pictures please.


If at all possible how much would shipped to UK be on that dirty astro/blast panel?


photos are up. I’ll start sending replies to people who requested them

the bare panel takes sanwa joysticks and needs the old adhesive stripped off and probably a coat of rustoleum
the versus city panel has never been used, but in storage the matte coating started cracking. It seems like it’d come off with a “magic eraser” and reveal the glossy art… you could then spray it down with a new matte finish and should look good as new.


NiCE! I’m interested in the Versus City panel if it’s still available


Hey thebluedino,

Sent you PM. it’s been almost 2 weeks now and I have not received the Versus City Panel.


Got the Astro today thanks man!


Well, So far no contact all from the Seller. I already opened a Paypal Dispute. I’m gonna wait 48 hours for a response, if no response then I will escalate the claim and Let paypal handle this transaction.


Hrm, that seems odd. I mean he sold the Astro City panel for much more money (like 200$ or whatever). He is practically GIVING away that Versus City panel (seems like shipping would be 30$…), so I doubt he’s intentionally trying to rip anyone off. Probably just has some personal issues right now.


I bought the ls32 from him about 3wks ago, and have yet to receive it…