WTS: Astro City Panel(SOLD)

(SOLD) Astro City panel in excellent condition. Has barely used Seimitsu sticks and buttons. It was in my tate cab, which I don’t use very much. Selling because I have started making my own custom panels now.

This is just the panel, does not include bezel. Pictures were taken with it still in my cab.

U making custom 1p panels?

I was not really planning on selling them on a large scale, but yes, I can. I’m still in the R&D phase right now. I have a finished a couple of prototypes, but I am unhappy with the artwork and the final stick placement needs tweaked. I have ordered more artwork from a new source, I should have it by the end of next week. With the time and materials invested, I don’t think I could sell them much cheaper than new, but you wouldn’t have to pay for shipping from Japan, and you could have whatever layout you want. I can update you when I have more info.

Here is a pic of my first prototype, Blast city with a Vewlix layout. The latest prototype has the bolts for the joysticks countersunk and hidden under the artwork.

Not the greatest pic but its all I got for now:P

if u making customs cp for vewlix layout count me in.

would you sell the panel itself w/o the joystick and buttons? If so, let me know.

i like the viewlex layout and that artwork i dont like that i can see the screw holes from the joystick mount if you get the holes not to show im all for one 8 button viewlex layout though like the te:)

me too

Price Drop:d:

This panel is the real deal, not a reproduction!!!