WTS: Astro City Styled HRAP2SA

Its a sad day, I have to sell my baby :crybaby:
This was my first stick, its been babied to hell. Stick and buttons are maybe 3 months old, haven’t gotten that much use since because I don’t play console 3s anymore.
Body is a HRAP2SA case, vinyl dyed black, so everything can be done from the top. Cord is in very good condition. Face buttons are all snap in Sanwas, 24mms are seimitsus. Stick is JLF.
Top plexi and astro city art from Arthong.
http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/5862/0825002154.jpg Sorry for my crappy cell phone picture.
I’m looking for $150 plus shipping (I paid $150 for it, with the customization I feel like its fair) Comes with HRAP2SA box.
<edit> stick also has black arrow dust washer
<edit 2> plexi has a small fracture on the top left corner, its not completely through the plexi, and doesn’t effect the stability of the plexi, took $10 off. I’ll take a picture of it in the morning when I have better lighting.

looks good. gl with your sale.

I just modded my HRAP-EX with that template, and it looks soooo much better in person than in pics. GL with your sale man, free bump for the sweet Astro City stick!

Bump guys, give her a good home c’mon

Sorry, rules say you can only bump with new info.

Oh I thought I added it to the first post :confused: The plexi has a small crack I noticed. I’ll update the first post with a picture tomorrow, also knocked $10 off. I fell asleep after posting lol