WTS:Astro panel with half shell and multiconsole pcb's

So basically it’s a astro panel with jlf’s mounted to ls 56 plates, sanwa buttons both(buttons and sticks) are farely new have about 8 hours on them. They are connected to two toodles multi console pcb’s both have a usb cords for ps3/pc, ps2 cords and dreamcast cords. There is only start button hooked up besides the face buttons and directionals. The panel is in new/good condition the surrounding is not as good as it has a crack in front and theres no bottom. The clear ball tops were a little scratched so I replaced with some other ones that are not clear.

It’s perfect for someone who can build a bottom but even if you can’t I strapped it to a keyboard stand with some ties and had a blast on it.

I think $200 OBO plus $20 (paypal)shipping in the continental US is fair. If this is too high please feel free to let me know. I will also take some pics of the bottom and crack the latest by tomorrow night. I’ve done tons of transaction here since 08.

Also open to trades
newer xbox, really don’t know specific just let me know what you have.

interested , please post pics of the insides/bottom

Geez I’m sorry Zenblaster never saw your post I kept looking at the other thread I made on accident and it had no replies. Do you still have that hss 0130 that I sold you a while back?

Added pics will also accept trades and or offers.