WTS: AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable (Brand New / Unopened)

$160 Shipped

Found another one at a better price locally, so I don’t need this one anymore. Still 100% factory sealed.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or message me. Thanks!

u.u I want one of those but without the start button hole, good luck with your sale

New items added.

Bump. Price drop on eightarc.

Bump. Price drops on all items.

Pics of the spliced-on USB cable? Is there a deal if someone gets the eightarc and the plexi together?

Went ahead and took some pictures of the actual stick as well while I have time:


Sure, I don’t see why not.

Its so beautiful :smiley:

PM’d you.

Would like to purchase the synthesis stick if not sold. Thanks! New and don’t know how to pm and all. So MSG me here I suppose.

New item added!

Awaiting payment on Eightarc.

The Eightarc is up for grabs again. Price drop on the Elgato.

i might be up for the eightarc if its still up for sell in Nov. Hit me up if it is homie

yo steven lemme get that q4 cover

I have someone who wants to buy it, but I’ll let you know if he backs out.

Deal. You in Wichita?

I bought the kindevu pink stick does your cover work for mine? does the cover work for me ? or that stick doesnt need it?

Yes, but it will have a vacant spot where the start button would be if you had a Qanba Q4.

hmmmm. I see, I’ll had to dremel it then…if my kindevu stick arrives tomorrow ill check if its easy and u still have it , ill buy it.

Elgato HD Capture Device sold!

Pending payment on Eightarc.

New items will be added this week.

The deal with Wallybear fell through. It’s all yours.